By Jenni Carlson Modified: August 16, 2008 at 12:57 am •  Published: August 16, 2008
ve always been a rough kid. I was into basketball, but then once I found contact sports, it was over. I never played basketball again in my life. I'm so bad at baseball, I can't even hit now. I almost popped my rib out the other day when I tried to play.

JC: That wouldn't make a good headline — Olympic wrestler hurt playing baseball.

DC: How bad would that have been? It was right after I made the team, and I went home for something. We had a family gathering, and I was trying to play. I tried to hit the ball so hard, I hurt myself. It's funny, people always pick me. Then, when I get out there, I'm really bad. (Laughs.)

JC: Now, I hear that you've got lots of family going to the Olympics and that your wife gets pretty excited during matches.

DC: She screams. Man, she screams really loud. I can hear her.

JC: Really?

DC: Just at random spots in the match. I don't know if she's timing it when everybody's not screaming or something, but I can hear her.

JC: Does that ever work against you in married life when you try to claim that you didn't hear her?

DC: Robin talks so loud when she gets excited, there is no way that I can pretend not to hear her. She is getting her point across.

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