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Q&A on Collecting: Sewing machine was built to last

Anne McCollam answers readers' questions about the value of their antiques.
BY Anne McCollam, For The Oklahoman Published: October 14, 2013

Q: I have enclosed the mark that is on the bottom of a porcelain chocolate pot set that I have. It was a gift from my godmother. She always had it in her antique china cabinet, and I admired it whenever I visited her. She told me it had been her grandmother's and she wanted me to have it. The set included a pot, six cups and six saucers. It is decorated with pastel colored flowers, green leaves, gold trim against a white background, and it is in perfect condition. I would never part with it, but I would like to know more about its history. Who was the manufacturer; what is its age; and what is its value?

A: You have a fine example of R.S. Prussia porcelain that is highly desirable. This mark was used by Reinhold Schlegelmilch in Tillowitz, Silesia, Germany. They were in business from the 1870s to 1956. Your chocolate pot set was made around 1880 and would probably be worth $275 to $375.

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