Q&A: San Diego State coach Steve Fisher on performances of Jamaal Franklin, Romero Osby

San Diego State coach Steve Fisher shared his thoughts after his team's 70-55 win over Oklahoma in the second round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday.
Published: March 23, 2013

“Romero Osby? I said before, the tape I watched, if there's a better player in the Big 12, I don't want to have to play that team. He's very, very talented. I read all the stuff that they had in their guide on their team, and reading his comments, you can tell he's quality, not only basketball but a quality person, and you win with that. He's a hard guard, competes very hard, and he's an outstanding player, and he gave us a lot of problems.

You talked about the defense in the last few minutes and how you guys stepped it up on that end. Would you attribute that to sort of the experience of you guys having been in the tournament before or something else?

I think that experience always helps, but effort has to be there. Effort has to be there, and … sometimes it's just a little, little, little thing that if you let up just that much, that hard shot becomes a little bit easier and they make them. I thought our consistency, the fight when we got fatigued — Chase Tapley, I have a rule if you take yourself out, you can put yourself back in. And Chase took himself out in the second half and said I'm ready to go back in, and I didn't put him in for another five minutes, and there was no greater cheerleader on the bench for his team than he was. In a lesser time, a guy would say, come on, but he was caring more about the team. He's a veteran senior, started for us for four years, so I think those kinds of experiences as you grow as a person, as a player, they're always helpful.

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