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Q&A: Tress Way would love to run a fake

OU FOOTBALL — Sooners' punter takes pride in being athletic.
By RJ Young, For The Oklahoman Published: March 27, 2012

Q: What do you think about punters who rugby kick the ball?

A: More power to them. I've tried messing around with that, and that's really hard. I don't know how guys do that. I mess around out on the game field just trying to see if I can do it every once in awhile, and that takes some serious focus, concentration — whatever they got. More power to them, but I just like lining up back there and kicking it as far as I can.

Q: LSU punter Brad Wing made a splash last season with his ability as a punter and athlete when running fake punts. How do you feel about being asked to run fakes?

A: Oh, I would love to run a fake so much. Whenever our punt return team is working in practice, and I run fakes for the scout team, oh I just live it up back there — just living the dream, throwing deep balls, cutting up the field. And because I'm a punter, anytime I get a 10- or 15-yard gain, everybody just freaks out. So, I'm jealous of him. He's got to live the dream.

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