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Q&A with Clay Bennett: Preseason game in Tulsa

Published: August 12, 2008

ose friends. Family. My own children.

Q: Your own children don't know the nickname?

A: No. I can't let them know. You kidding? They'd blab it all over the place. And it's not in any emails, either (roll laugh track).

Q: You keep saying the nickname will be revealed soon? How soon is soon?

A: I can guarantee it will happen before we play our first preseason game (laughing). There are a lot of mechanical requirements for the name and mark. Lots of organizational things have to happen. Obviously, we're going to get it done soon. I do think the interest and all the speculation and conversation is fun.

Q: It appears the NBA might have slipped up last week when the schedule was released. For a few hours a URL directed anyone who clicked on Oklahoma City to a Web site entitled thunder.

A: That surprised me. This is all part of this very unique experience that will never happen again. We're really building a new brand, a new franchise in essence. It's a fun time.

Q: Will Tulsa ever host a regular-season game?

A: No. Bennett informed the Tulsa media "we can't play any regular season games out of our home arena (due to the lease agreement with the Ford Center).”

Bennett, though, said the BOK Center is a stunningly beautiful building, this is a statewide team and the "partnership with Tulsa” will be enhanced by the franchise's recent purchase of Tulsa's D-league team (the 66ers).

By Mike Baldwin