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by Berry Tramel Published: May 24, 2011

You threw the pass to Jason Kidd for the tie-breaking 3-pointer in the final minute of overtime. How much trust do you have in Jason?

“I'm proud of Jason Kidd, the way he battles on defense, the floor game he leads for us every night, the steals he gets, and then the huge three. I tip my hat to him every night, the way he competes. I was actually going to make a play there on the elbow against (Nick) Collison, and then once I turned, I think Westbrook was kind of right there or right in between, so I didn't really have a good look and swung it over to Kidd, and he made a heck of a play. Westbrook closed out really hard initially and tried to take his first three away, and he (Kidd) pump-faked and stuck with it and got his balance and made a big three for us. People still think that Kidd is not a good shooter, but over the years, he proved everybody wrong.”

Talk about your 3-pointer, which cut the Thunder lead to 101-94 with 2:22 left.

Nowitzki: “Either do or die. At that point, we were down 10. So if it goes in, great, and if not, then it just wasn't our night.”