Q&A: With Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon there's no need to worry about hero vs. sidekick

BY JOHN HELSLEY, Staff Writer, jhelsley@opubco.com Published: August 29, 2011

Your teammate Markelle Martin, seemingly a neutral observer, makes an interesting point.

Weeden: “Exactly. That's perfect. There were times last year when nothing was open and I'd just throw it in his vicinity and he'd be a hero and snag it and make a play. Markelle's right, no doubt about it.”

Blackmon: “I guess I never thought it about it that way. And that is a way to look at it. But Brandon is the man in charge. Wherever he throws that ball, that's where I'm going to be. It's like he throws the ball and I go fetch.”

OK, Brandon, if Justin's the hero, what about a costume?

Weeden: “He'd look good in a cape. He's got that physique, too. I can't see him wearing goggles or anything.”

Your turn, Justin, a hero outfit for Brandon?

Blackmon: “He needs the little Robin mask, with a cape as well.

But Robin's a sidekick.

Blackmon: “Oh, yeah. Well, it would have to be like Flash or something. He needs a hat, a cool facemask.”

Weeden: “Oh, so my face needs covering up?”

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