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Q&A with Sooner QB: Award humbling for Sam Bradford

By Jake Trotter, Published: February 23, 2009

This is going to be somewhat of a new offense. You have to replace some linemen, some receivers. Does your role change a little bit in that these younger guys are going to be looking to you, whereas last year, those guys had been around before you?

"On the field I don’t think my role changes as much probably off the field and here in the offseason, because I do feel there is a little more responsibility on me this year to step up and lead these guys and show them the ropes, that this is Oklahoma and this is how we play and this is what we’re going to do. But as far as on the field, I don’t think I can change anything that I’ve done.”

From the national title game to now, has there been anyone that’s jumped out and impressed you during the winter workouts?

"There are so many guys, but I’d have to say that Ryan Broyles has worked extremely hard this offseason. I felt like he played really well for us last year. If he continues to work as hard as he is now, he’s going to be an outstanding player for us next year.”

How has your life changed since winning the Heisman?

"I’ve tried not to let it change my life drastically. But obviously when you go out in public, a couple more people recognize you, a couple more people come up and say hey. I get a lot more questions about the trophy now. Like, ‘Hey, how’s the trophy?’ ‘Where’s it at?’ Things like that. But I don’t think my life has changed that much.”

You are on pace to get your degree in finance in December. If you came back for your senior year, what would your plans be academically?

"I don’t know how it works with the hours and what you need, but I would continue my education. Whether it would be adding a double major or going on to get my MBA.”

Last year, you guys unveiled the no-huddle and it probably worked better than anyone could’ve imagined. Can it get better in its second season?

"Yeah, I think there’s no doubt it can get better. Last year we went into the season not really knowing what to expect, not really knowing what we were doing. Now we have a year of experience. We know what to expect, we know how to practice it, we know how to prepare for it for a game. So I feel like this year could be even better.”

What does this team have to do to get back to where you were last season, and then get over the hump?

"I think it all started a couple of weeks ago, when we got back to winter workouts. I think we all know how hard we worked to get to that game last year. I think we have to start right now, working even harder than we did last year to make sure we get ourselves in position to not only get in the game, but win the game.”

Jersey changes

Old faces, new numbers
Several Sooners will change numbers this spring, notably cornerback Dominique Franks, who will go from No. 15 to No. 1, the jersey number worn by outgoing wide receiver Manny Johnson. Here are all the jersey changes, as well as the numbers of the five freshmen who enrolled early for the spring:

Players with new numbers

Player (Pos) New # Old #
Dominique Franks (DB) 1 15

Ryan Reynolds (LB) 4 8

Joseph Ibiloye (DB) 5 41

Ben Sherrard (QB) 10 6

Corey Wilson (WR) 13 11

Lamar Harris (DB) 15 19

Turner Troup (LB) 41 45

Sean Morrison (DS) 58 56

Jarvis Jones (OL) 76 75

James Winchester (DS) 86 46


Player Number

Drew Allen (QB) 15

Javon Harris (DB) 30

Tom Wort (LB) 42

Jaydan Bird (LB) 55

Ronnell Lewis (LB) 56


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