Q&A with: Thunder's Russell Westbrook

By Jenni Carlson Published: January 3, 2009

wasn’t no high dunk. I could do a one-hand dunk, and that was it. That’s where it stopped.

JC: How’d it feel to get that first one?

RW: After that, I knew I could make every one. It was packed at home. Got a fastbreak and decided to dunk. Decided to go up and try to dunk it at least.

JC: So, you’re still in your infancy as a dunker?

RW: Kinda sorta.

JC: Now, you might be in the NBA Dunk Contest. Do you go home every day and vote for yourself?

RW: I can’t do it. I don’t know how to do it. You’ve got to have a sign-in or something. I don’t have one of those.

JC: You need to figure that out.

RW: I’ve got people at home voting for me.

JC: Now, I watched your Sprite promotional spot for the dunk contest. You played trumpet. Got to tell you, you’re not much of a trumpet player.

RW: They had me doing some crazy stuff. Some of the stuff I did wasn’t even on there. I was singing on one. I was rapping on another one.

JC: Are you a better singer than trumpet player?

RW: Maybe.

JC: Better rapper?

RW: Yeah, yeah. They didn’t want to put that up there. It was too good to be up there. That’s for after the dunk contest.

JC: Working on any dunks yet?

RW: I ain’t workin’ on nothing until I know I’m in it. No need to stress.

Want to know Russell Westbrook’s favorite dunks of all time? Check out my blog at NewsOK.com.

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