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Quashing Obama's claim that government designed the Internet

Published: July 25, 2012

President Obama claimed that the government designed the Internet. Is this a declaration in support of Al Gore's humorous statement that he invented the Internet? Either suggestion borders on dismal ignorance and insults those of us who struggled in our lifetime to produce the best in electronics for the United States. Solving this mystery is simple. Follow the trail of associated Internet patents relating to electronics and software that built the Internet and look for the government. You'll predominantly find companies such as AT&T, IBM, Texas Instruments, Intel, Motorola, Cisco, Microsoft and many others.

Here's how government participated: It essentially broke up the old AT&T (my former employer) and Bell Laboratories (at one time the greatest research institution in the world). The breakup led to plant closures and fundamentally forced the transfer of electronics manufacturing to China. To say that the government invented the Internet is like telling me, “The guy on your birth certificate isn't your father. It was a government job.”

Tim Griffith, Yukon