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Questioning Veterans Affairs' request for salary increases

Published: February 2, 2013

“Veterans agency wants money to increase administrators' salaries” (News, Jan. 29) shows how ludicrous government management can get, especially in hard financial times for so many citizens. The Oklahoma Veterans Affairs Department has the audacity to ask taxpayers to fund administrative salary increases of 37 percent to nearly 400 percent for people who've been on the job one year or less. One of those has been on the job for about one month and the department is asking for a raise of 40 percent ($40,000)!

As part of this “reorganization,” additional administrative personnel will be added. Why doesn't someone look into this reorganization and see if cuts in personnel would be in order? Certainly any raises should be more reasonable. I want better care for our veterans, but this request and reorganization smells of taking better care of the administrators.

Roy L. Brown, Norman