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Questions and Answers with David Streb
New I-40 Crosstown Expressway will bring value to city

Published: September 17, 2008

/> Q: Much has been said about how travelers will enjoy a safer, smoother ride when the highway is complete. Do you anticipate an improvement for the adjoining rail traffic as well?

A: The rail system in the vicinity of the I-40 Crosstown Expressway will benefit tremendously from this project. The existing Union Pacific rail line will be totally rebuilt with new track and run just to the north of I-40 and will have room for an additional track between it and the Union Station to allow for passenger rail traffic should Oklahoma City ever decide to utilize Union Station. South of the Oklahoma River through Capitol Hill, the BNSF Packingtown rail line has been upgraded to include safer street crossings. Additionally, a railroad and highway canal bridge has been constructed to allow the future south canal and pedestrians to access the river and boathouse.

Q: How certain are you that construction of the new Interstate 40 will be complete by 2012?

A: Should the federal funding remain consistent as anticipated, the department stands fully committed and is still on track to open the 10-lane I-40 to traffic in 2012. Thanks to the commitment of the Oklahoma congressional delegation along with Gov. Brad Henry and our state legislators, this the largest project in Oklahoma history has become a reality.

Business Writer Steve Lackmeyer