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Questions to ask when considering remodeling

Whatever the motive, there comes a time in life when our homes don't work for us anymore; when we need a change. There are essentially two ways to accomplish this change: move or remodel.
Annie Schwemmer and Ann Robinson, Deseret News Modified: June 5, 2014 at 6:16 pm •  Published: June 9, 2014

The only constant thing in life is change.

We move through life in stages, phases and segments. Each period of life requires something different from our houses. There may be times when our homes feel too small or too big. For whatever reason or current circumstance, our house suddenly doesn’t fit our needs anymore. This is the point when people contemplate the options of moving or remodeling.

The typical American family purchases a small starter house for its first real estate venture. However, when the children come along, the house is often no longer big enough. While the family might stay for a few more years, they feel the walls tightening as those children grow. If circumstances allow, it is time to move on to a larger home or make significant changes to the one that has been outgrown.

The years fly by and the next challenge hits: the empty nest. When the children move away, the house may suddenly feel too big. Again, the house isn’t meeting your needs. It is time to downsize or repurpose the empty rooms into a new office, recreation room or your new personal hobby lobby.

In another situation, some couples face the prospect of becoming caretakers for an aging parent or relative. Or perhaps a family member is ill or becomes disabled, and the home needs to become more accessible. Time for yet another change.

There isn’t always an external circumstance that motivates a need for a change in your living situation. Sometimes, it is more of a psychological desire. You may have reached a point in life or in your career where you want more out of your house. It may be time to finally live in your dream house or a version of it.

Whatever the motive, there comes a time for a change. There are essentially two ways to accomplish this change: move or remodel.

In the remodel vs. move debate, there is a good question to start with: Do you like your current location?

A lot comes with the location of your house. Your commute, neighborhood, schools and your local church congregation are all predicated on where your house sits. The proximity to your favorite stores, getaway spots or family and friends also impact your decision to move or remodel. Are you happy with all these elements of your current location? Is this where you want to stay? Can you and your family handle everything that will change with moving?

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