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Quotes about former Oklahoma Gov. George Nigh

by Bryan Painter Published: May 19, 2013

The word ‘George,' just the word ‘George,' conjures up George Nigh among Oklahomans. You say ‘George,' and the majority of them know who you are going to talk about. And if you say ‘George and Donna,' I'm telling you that a hundred percent of those who are not newborns will know exactly who you are talking about.”

— Former Gov. David Walters

One thing to keep in mind, back in 1950 when he ran for state representative, his campaign slogan was ‘Give a young man a chance.' He used that all through the state representative time and actually when he ran for lieutenant governor. Then in 1978, when he ran for governor, he changed that slogan to ‘Experience counts.'”

— State Supreme Court Justice

Steven Taylor

George had the vision that Oklahoma needed to be tied together with a system that was equal to the interstate (highway) system which had just been completed, but much of Oklahoma was not connected by the interstate, and he set out over a period of several years to remedy that.”

— Neal McCaleb

Former state transportation director

Every year on the anniversary of my appointment to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, I send flowers to my governor and I will do it forever. He has made my life and my career, and thank you Governor for that. My governor always wears the white hat.”

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