R-Oklahoma: State grows even more red

The Oklahoman Editorial Published: November 8, 2012

Some will claim that all of the above matters little because Obama won another term. But these trends do matter: For at least the next two years, all state policy will be guided by Republicans. Obama can't count on a single member of our congressional delegation.

Democratic leaders were reduced to searching for pyrrhic victories — winning a single county for Obama or picking up seats in the Legislature. Didn't happen. The bluest of blue counties still chose Mitt Romney, and a Little Dixie state Senate seat — ever a lock for Democrats — was won by a Republican.

In the 1930s, not a single Republican was in the state Senate. Now Republicans have a 3-1 edge. Not since 1964 has the Democratic presidential nominee won Oklahoma's electoral votes. Never has a political party fallen out of favor more dramatically. And yet Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel, who has remained a Democrat through it all, won a fifth term in a landslide victory over a challenger whose main platform was that he is a Republican.

Partisans and pundits insist that U.S. House Republicans should compromise more with the man who won the presidency Tuesday simply because he won. Perhaps the same insistence should be aimed at state Democrats, who too often echo the class warfare sentiments of Obama. If Republicans need to be more amenable to Obama's ideas because he won, then state Democrats need to be more amenable to the Republican agenda because voters keep endorsing GOP candidates in growing numbers.

The voting is done. The watch parties are over. The thing to watch for now is whether Democrats can get any traction in the election two years hence.

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