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Racism claims are 'total malarkey'

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: December 12, 2012

In response to Eddie V. Harris (Your Views, Dec. 20): To say that racial bias and hatred are at the root of our citizens' attitudes toward President Obama's socialist, Marxist policies is “total malarkey” (to use Joe Biden's words). Obama has instituted class warfare to justify raising taxes and a government takeover of our great health care system. To say that people who are displeased with Obama resent the poor people of color is ridiculous. This statement is race baiting and it stereotypes two-thirds of the Oklahomans who voted against Obama. Also, what does it say about the 60,105,282 voters across America (48 percent) who voted for Romney? Do they all resent the poor people of color?

Obama thinks he's been elected king of America with barely more than half of the people's vote. His definition of bipartisanship is “do it my way!” When he's made an agreement with the opposition, he moves the goal post and kills the deal. I hope and pray America can survive the next four years with these radical “progressives” in charge of our country.

Tom Miller, Oklahoma City

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