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Oklahoman Published: March 20, 2012

“I am not paid for my service. Will all the hours I put in as a school board member count as volunteer hours for my school?” — Eva Martens, president of the Fairview School Board

“We are asking for a less punitive system with fair goals.” — Diana Lebsack, Capps Middle School

principal in the Putnam City School District

“Why would our own state department want to label and punish schools?” — Claudia Swisher, an English teacher at Norman North High School

“I don't see a plan to do that, to provide any type of parental education, because they're going to need it to understand this.” — Helena John, treasurer of

Oklahoma PTA and Lawton School Board member

“The red pen was invented for teachers, but this is not the right way.” — Chris Brewster, administration

superintendent and principal of Santa Fe South

High School

“That's the flawed part of the process I saw. I would encourage you to involve some of these people to be a part of this process.” — Steven Crawford, executive director of the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration

“We respectfully ask that some more models be run. We want to make sure that doesn't make it more difficult for low-achieving schools.” — Larry Smith,

assistant superintendent for school and district

accountability and program management for Tulsa Public Schools

“I have the utmost confidence in my teachers and my principals if you tell me what to do to get it. We have no idea what we have to do to get an A or a B.”

Clinton Superintendent Kevin Hime

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