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Recapping the Thunder's Game 5 comeback victory

BY JOHN ROHDE, Staff Writer, Published: April 28, 2011

H) Durant's step-back 15-footer that re-tied the score at 93.

I) Durant's floating 10-footer in the lane while being fouled, which he converted into a three-point play to give the Thunder the lead 96-95.

J) Ibaka's block of a Nene dunk attempt with 35.8 seconds left.

K) Durant's over-and-back violation with 14.8 seconds left that was rescinded because his momentum carried him into the backcourt, where he was allowed to establish position.

L) Durant's back-door cut from 50 feet away against defender Wilson Chandler. It came off a mid-court, in-bounds play that Durant turned into a 19-footer with the shot clock about to expire, giving the Thunder a 100-97 lead with 12.0 seconds remaining.

M) Durant's volleyball spike of J.R. Smith's 3-point attempt directly in front of the OKC bench with 9.0 remaining.

N) Afflalo's missed 3-pointer at the final buzzer.

So, which play was the biggest?

All the above happened, in succession, in the final 3:41 of the contest.

The correct answer?

(O) All the above.