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Red River Rivalry: Former Longhorn Kevin Durant wonders if there is any room for OU-Texas love this weekend

By Jenni Carlson Published: October 6, 2008
Kevin Durant is a Longhorn living in Soonerland.

And he’s loving every minute of it.

The Thunder’s young star is playing up the Red River Rivalry. A couple weeks ago when he was at Oklahoma for the TCU game, the former Texas standout added “Hook ‘Em Horns” to every autograph and threw up the Horns hand sign in every photo.

“I just like to cause a little controversy,” he said mischievously.

Durant’s arrival in Oklahoma adds a new chapter to the rivalry. Sooners and Longhorns have intermingled for decades, oftentimes peacefully but sometimes violently.

Used to be, fans brawled on Commerce Street in Dallas the night before the game.

A year ago, Scrotumgate became all the rage after an OU fan reportedly grabbed a Texas fan’s crotch and wouldn’t let go. A lawsuit is still pending.

Still, thousands of Longhorn fans live north of the Red River while thousands of Sooner fans live south of it, and most go about their lives without incident.

That includes Durant.

“I love being in Oklahoma thus far,” he said, “and I’m going to love playing for (the people here.)

” But cheer for the Sooners?


Growing up on the East Coast, Durant knew little of the rivalry until he arrived at Texas and saw the anti-OU paraphernalia in the bookstore. Even though he only played against the Sooners twice, those games heightened his understanding.

Asked playfully at Thunder media day last week if Sooners and Longhorns can’t all just get along, Durant’s answer was quick.

“No,” he said, “we can’t.”

He laughed.

“I like the rivalry like it is now — OU hates Texas and Texas hates OU. That’s how it’s always going to be.

“I like it that way.”