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RedHawks: Food options are a grand slam with fans

Oklahoma City loses its season opener to Memphis, but many in the crowd went home with a good taste in their mouths.
by Ed Godfrey Published: April 5, 2012

Longtime RedHawk fans Bart Cooper and Steve Knapp of Oklahoma City were grazing along the concourse at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark on Thursday night, letting their noses guide them to the new delicacies the ballpark had to offer.

“We are like vultures right now trying to pick up the best pieces of meat,” Knapp said. “It's all tantalizing.”

The two Oklahoma City men were more interested in the food than the game.

“Baseball is just an inconsequential part of the entire event for me,” Cooper said.

The RedHawks opened the 2012 season Thursday night at their newly named ballpark, losing 4-3 to the Memphis Redbirds, but the biggest hit of the night was the food.

The RedHawks introduced and entirely new menu of food items with promises it would be better and fresher than in the past. All of the fans interviewed by The Oklahoman on Thursday night gave the new ballpark food a thumbs up.

Jim and Cheryl Sanders of Midwest City have made six straight opening nights at the ballpark and noticed an immediate difference upon arriving Thursday night.

“You can smell the food now,” said Jim Sanders, who selected his own ingredients for a burrito at the new “Salsa” kiosk. “It's hot and fresh.”

His wife agreed that the new ballpark food was better than in the past.

“I think it's definitely an upgrade,” she said. “You have a lot more choices.”

Other fans also had trouble choosing what to taste. Steve Tanner of Oklahoma City and his buddies couldn't decide between the Salsa and the “Smokies” kiosks where foot long hot dogs and brats were being grilled with fresh peppers and onions.

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