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RedHawks will still be Rangers' Triple-A club

By Matt Patterson Published: August 12, 2008
my knowledge, the only time that (agreements broken) has happened is when a big-league club moves into a market that had previously had a minor league team in it.”

RedHawks co-owner and managing partner Scott Pruitt said both sides have been happy with a relationship that goes back 25 years to the Oklahoma City 89ers.

"There's no indication we've received from them at any time that they're anything but ecstatic about having their Triple-A team here,” Pruitt said. "They love the accessibility to Arlington, they love the stadium and being involved in this market.”

Pruitt also noted the Rangers made Ryan, Ian Kinsler and Michael Young available to the RedHawks for their television ad campaign this season.

"I don't know of any major league clubs who went to those lengths to make their players available to their Triple-A franchise,” he said. "I think it demonstrates a close connection with the Rangers.”

What happens after the expiration of the current agreement isn't set in stone, but Pruitt expects the relationship to continue.

"There's no real negotiation,” he said. "It's an ongoing discussion that's more a formality than anything else.”