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Regulating drugs an option to 'war on drugs'

Published: September 1, 2012

It's time to examine the so-called war on drugs that we spend untold billions on and to remember the lesson that prohibition in any form doesn't work. Recreational use of any drug, be it alcohol, marijuana and so on, isn't good for a person. But if you ask a member of the judiciary, a law officer and others, if they're honest they know the “war on drugs” is lost.

If our legislators weren't so fixated on getting re-elected, if they had the courage to address this unpopular problem and perhaps get some expert opinions (such as making this problem a medical issue dealing with addiction), the government could tax marijuana and any other controlled substance that could be regulated as alcohol is. These tax dollars could go a long way to help balance the budget and would also put the drug cartels out of business.

Jim Morris, Oklahoma City