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Reignite passion to break out of 'sophomore' slump

John Gray offers readers advice on their relationships.
By John Gray Published: January 24, 2013

DEAR JOHN: Why is it that, at the start of a relationship, most guys tell you how beautiful and wonderful you are, then two years down the road, they don't even see you when you march around the house naked?

— Attention Starved, in Jackson, Miss.

DEAR STARVED: When it comes to romance, most couples fall into a “sophomore” (take-it-for-granted) slump within the second or third year of their relationship. Unfortunately, it's usually the man whose passion has to be reignited.

Of course, this encouragement has to come from you, and it only happens if you approach your goal in the same manner as when you were first dating. That means pulling out all stops in the way you look (war paint), the way you act (flirtatiously) and the way you feel (romantic), and what you do (something new and unexpected).

In most cases, if you put out that vibe, he'll pick it up and follow your lead.

DEAR JOHN: I have been dating “Jack” for almost six months. He has one annoying habit: He is thrifty, although I know he has money. I noticed this right off the bat, but I discounted it because I had a husband who went bankrupt, so I understand and appreciate the value of thriftiness. But Jack takes it too far, and it's beginning to bother me. I feel like a financial expense rather than an emotional investment.

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