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Reinstate water rationing during drought

Published: January 14, 2013

Regarding “Drought sinks Lake Hefner's water levels to all-time low” (News, Jan. 10): The lake level is now 17 feet below normal. Canton Lake is 9 feet below normal level. So it's unlikely that we'll be able to draw it down to replenish Lake Hefner. It's also unlikely that we'll get enough rain in the spring to bring the lake back up to usable levels. Recreational boating and fishing have been severely affected by the low level.

Last year, for a short time, Oklahoma City had every-other-day water rationing. This ended following a 1-inch rain. Every day I see sprinklers watering dead grass. Why not reinstate odd-even water rationing? It would help conserve water and make people more aware of the fact that this whole part of the country is in a severe drought.

John Walters, Oklahoma City