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Reliant Stadium will roll out artificial turf for Oklahoma State-Mississippi State

Gina Mizell Published: August 30, 2013

Until a few weeks ago, Mike Gundy expected Oklahoma State’s season opener against Mississippi State to be played on natural grass inside Reliant Stadium. He even said as much to the crowd at the Houston Cowboy Caravan.

But it turns out, for the first time, Reliant will use artificial turf for college games while still keeping natural grass for NFL games during the 2013 season.

A few days after that Houston Caravan stop, Gundy had a staff member call down to Reliant to check on some of the logistics. Would the roof be open or closed? What would the temperature be inside? What’s the humidity typically like? And, was the playing surface still going to be natural grass?

“They said ‘No, it’ll be turf,’” Gundy said.

In looking back through photos from the 2002 Houston Bowl, the switch to artificial turf should benefit the Cowboys’ fancy uniforms.