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Religious views on evolution have no scientific validity

Published: December 15, 2012

Craig Hampton (Your Views, Dec. 8) said evolution can't be proven using the scientific method, nor does it have any peer-reviewed research articles supporting it. He also used the rhetorical creationist term “molecules to man” in a letter that misinform readers about science and evolution. Religious views rather than actual science are nice but they have no scientific validity.

First, theories are never “proven,” they're simply supported by data and repeatable tests. The fossil record provides myriad and innumerable examples of how life evolved on the planet and dovetails with radiometric dating, geologic correlations performed by tens of thousands of geologists and the sciences of astronomy, physics and biology. Hampton's observation that evolution isn't supported by peer-reviewed articles discounts the entire scientific community's work worldwide. Second, genes do get altered by mutation and other mechanisms. Third, gaps in the fossil record are recorded by thousands of examples of transitional fossils.

Most importantly, his magical designer, irreducible complexity argument has been repeatedly and completely refuted by the scientific community and is discounted by all major science organizations and many church national councils.

Will Fraser, Dallas