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Rep. James Lankford's campaign announcement for U.S. Senate seat

by Chris Casteel Published: January 20, 2014

Rep. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma City, formally announced his campaign Monday for the last two years of Sen. Tom Coburn’s term.

Here is the written statement Lankford issued. More coverage coming of Lankford’s news conference.

“Dr. Coburn has been a friend and example to me from the beginning of my public service three years ago.

“For 15 years, Dr. Coburn truly filled the role of Servant-Leader and citizen legislator. He closely evaluated each bill and believed that it was his responsibility to expose government waste and the rampant abuse of political power.

“Dr. Coburn was never afraid to fight against wasteful spending and irresponsible legislation that lacked a clear, beneficial and constitutional purpose, even if that stand made him unpopular at times in Washington, D.C. But, history will show that the stand this honorable man from Muskogee made for his state and his country was always in the best interest of the next generation.

“This is a very difficult time in the history of our nation. Crushing government debt, a federal takeover of health care, Presidential over reach, increasing regulations and a stagnant economy are all stealing away the American dream from our families. After a great deal of thought, prayer and discussion with my family, I feel led to continue my Oklahoma common sense and principled approach to attack the deep problems in the United States Senate.

“The Senate is the most contentious body in our government today. Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats continue to divide America for political gain. The problems that we face as a nation will not be solved by yelling louder, they will be resolved when we put forward clear conservative solutions that the American people overwhelming support.

“I am willing to wage a hard-fought campaign for the opportunity to continue Dr. Coburn’s conservative legacy. I humbly ask for your vote in the primary election on June 24th and your support by joining our campaign team.”