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Report reveals evidence found in apartment

By Nolan Clay Published: April 21, 2006

/> In a dresser bottom drawer, were women's underwear. Underwood is single.

Underwood is accused of beating Jamie with a wooden cutting board, then smothering her with his hand and duct tape. He is accused of using a dagger to try to cut her head off after death. Investigators reported finding a cutting board and duct tape. They also seized three knives, three swords and a hacksaw.

A blood-like stain was found on the bathtub, and another stain was on a wall near the vanity closet in the bedroom. A "wipe with blood-like substance was in the kitchen trash.

Investigators also reported finding two prescription bottles for Underwood and an empty packet for Lexapro, an anti-depressant.

Other seized evidence included incense, papers, spiral notebooks, books, cameras and a computer.

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