Republicans grapple with deep divisions, de-Romneyization, as RNC meets in Charlotte

Published on NewsOK Published: January 23, 2013

Members will also discuss the degree to which the 2012 presidential failure was the fault of the Romney campaign, or whether the RNC shared some significant portion of that blame as well.  Some Republicans believe the RNC ceded too much control of the party’s message to the Romney campaign, which was happy to run the show in the confidence that Romney would soon be elected president.  The result was catastrophic.  There will be some members urging the party not to give itself over so completely to a presidential campaign in the future.

Also on the topic of Romney, some Republicans are also urging that the RNC throw out some rules, pushed by the Romney campaign last summer at the party’s convention in Tampa, that gave the GOP nominee more control over how individual states choose their delegates to the convention.  Team Romney wanted the changes after the hand-to-hand combat that had gone on in some states with Ron Paul supporters over delegate selection (long after Paul failed to win a single caucus or primary).

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