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Rescued horses not always treated well

Published: March 15, 2013

Regarding “Horse slaughter is not needed in Oklahoma” (Point of View, March 10): Nancy Perry is right in saying that horse slaughter is inhumane. The slaughter of any animal or person is cruel, yet thousands of both are killed each year. What's a better solution? Make owners responsible? Make laws against animal cruelty? Been there, done that. Can't be enforced.

How many horses, dogs, cats, etc., does Perry have in rescue right now? Finding homes for animals that are crippled, sick or old is difficult. It costs a lot of money for feed, vets, etc., to care for a pet. In our diminishing rural lands today, keeping a horse is a luxury. And just like getting a puppy for Christmas, some horse buyers grow tired of the time and money it takes to keep one. The animal never gets trained and one day it gets loose or kicks or bites, so what's to become of it? Rescues are full, so they give it away or find someone who will take it to auction. Then it spends several horrible weeks in lots and on trucks, getting starved, kicked, cut, no water or care of any kind.

All the pretty pictures you see of horses racing across the pasture or prancing in the show ring are the tip of the iceberg. For every one of those, 10 more are out there, in constant pain, starving to death slowly. They are “rescued” in a 10 x 10 pen two-foot deep in mud and manure or turned loose on some back road where they can't get to water and are chased by dogs and coyotes through barbed wire or caught in deep brush.

Slaughter is an evil necessity, no matter where it is. It worked for many years before people who have no idea what the problem is got involved from their ivory towers in the city.

Arlene Puglisi, Tuttle


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