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Researchers: Study of Oklahoma's A-F grading system for schools revealed big problems

BY PATRICK B. FORSYTH AND CURT M. ADAMS Published: January 30, 2013

Conceptualizing school performance as multifaceted provides a more balanced performance picture and gives to schools and parents performance data that are valid, reliable and useful for purposeful change.

The Oklahoman found our claim that “credible assessment is not controversial” to be naive. Perhaps, but we continue to believe that the more credible the assessment, the less controversial it will be. We also believe, perhaps naively, that parents, school professionals and government officials can put politics aside and commit themselves to the continuous and genuine improvement of Oklahoma's public schools.

Forsyth and Adams are senior research scientists at the University of Oklahoma. They were among those contributing to “An Examination of the Oklahoma State Department of Education's A-F Report Card.”