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Retailers, others may require employers to work on Thanksgiving

Vic Albert, employment law attorney with Conner & Winters
Oklahoman Published: November 16, 2012

Q: Is an employee entitled to extra compensation for working Thanksgiving Day?

A: No, unless the employer has agreed to do so in a policy or representation to the employees that it will pay more. If working on Thanksgiving Day causes an hourly employee's work hours to go over 40 hours that week, then the employee would be entitled to additional compensation under standard overtime laws.

Q: May an employee use vacation time or paid time off to take off on Thanksgiving Day if he or she is scheduled to work that day?

A: Yes, as long as the employee complies with all of the conditions of the employer's vacation or paid time off policy to schedule such in advance. Employees should check the policy on these requirements as most employers maintain some right to deny a vacation or paid time off request.


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