Retailers use mobile apps to aid checkout process

Local and national retailers have both began to integrate mobile devices apps into the customer's shopping experience.
Published: July 4, 2013


Retailers adding checkout apps

Large retailers are turning to mobile devices to allow customers more autonomy in the checkout process, and speed up service.

Homeland grocery stores have launched an app that will allow customers to pay for their groceries with a smartphone at a limited number of stores, as well as keep a shopping list on Android and Apple devices.

The Homeland Swiftscan app is part of a partnership with DoubleBeam, a Pasadena, Calif., company that specializes in mobile payments.

Customers will be able to scan a QR code upon checkout and choose to pay with their smartphone after the cashier has scanned all of their items.

For now, the payment app works at all Norman and Edmond locations, and other stores will be added eventually. Homeland, an Oklahoma-based company has locations throughout Oklahoma and one in Kansas, which are listed in the app's store locator.

The company is also offering certain discounts and coupons to customers as an introductory incentive.

Walmart has also launched a mobile checkout method with their Scan & Go app. With this app, customers are able to bypass the employee checkout and scan all their own items while shopping and pay for them at the self-checkout registers.

Eight Walmart stores in the metro area are using this service, as well as two in Tulsa. For now, the app is only available on Apple products, with an Android app coming soon, according to the company's website.

HILLARY MCLAIN, Business Writer


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