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Review of federal fuel tax is needed

BY BOBBY STEM Published: November 17, 2012

The 161-pound difference between the Leaf and Altima doesn't seem like much, but conceptually, one can drive the heavier vehicle — on Oklahoma roads — and not pay a single cent of the fuel tax that funds the very roads they use.

Although we commend these organizations' actions, which help our environment, we urge policymakers to review the way our federal fuel tax funds highway and bridge maintenance and construction.

The federal government needs to find an equitable solution for electric vehicle owners to help fund the roads and bridges they enjoy on a regular basis. Without policy change — and with a continued growth in alternative fuel vehicles — federal funding will shrink as we see the fuel tax receipts decline, all while taking a bigger toll on our state's roads.

The AOGC is open to help find a reasonable solution for all parties. If we don't do something soon, federal highway funding won't be enough to keep up with our needs.