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Rich Lowry: President Obama's birdbrained attack on Mitt Romney

BY RICH LOWRY Published: October 13, 2012

Besides, if the line item for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting were zeroed out tomorrow, it wouldn't ruffle a feather on Big Bird. Very little of the money makes it his way. Only about 8 percent of the annual budget of Sesame Workshop, which produces the show, comes from the government. It has operating revenue of more than $130 million a year, and makes about $50 million annually on merchandising alone. Sales of the Elmo Take Along Buddy ($15) and the Count Von Count Beanbag ($8) add up.

On CNN the other day, Sherrie Westin, executive vice president of the Sesame Workshop, cited all the organization's private funding and declared that, even without government help, “‘Sesame Street' will be here.”

An extreme example

Someone should load that up in the president's teleprompter so he's sure to read it. Then, he might at least hesitate before whipping up a crowd — like the one in Cleveland recently — into chants of “Save Big Bird!”

To the extent it isn't purely cynical, the president's “Sesame Street” offensive is an extreme example of the belief that civil society is all but helpless without the guidance and succor of government. As if private actors can't be trusted to keep a popular children's program featuring iconic puppets on the air, or to preserve the “PBS NewsHour,” or to find a way to broadcast “Downton Abbey” in the United States.

What really boggles the mind, though, is that the president is touring the country a few weeks before a consequential national election talking about a fictional bird. To paraphrase Joseph Welch at the Army-McCarthy hearings, “Have you no sense of self-respect, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of self-respect?”