Without state and federal open records laws, much of what you see every day in The Oklahoman and on NewsOK.com would not be there. These laws are critical not only to the media, but to government openness and oversight in general. Through this page, we'll provide some of the internal databases we use for reporting, as well as links to other useful sites. If you have suggestions for other databases or find useful links, please e-mail us at righttoknow@opubco.com.

Disclaimer: All links to external sites are being provided as a convenience for the user and are for informational purposes only. OPUBCO Communications Group, The Oklahoman, and NewsOK.com bear no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of any external site.

The Oklahoman's Watchdog team is a dedicated group of journalists here to expose corruption in Oklahoma. If you have any information about possible fraud, waste or abuse click on the
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