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Riled up in New Mexico

Owen Canfield Published: July 31, 2013

Some of the most heated debate during the 2013 legislative session involved whether to legalize horse slaughter in Oklahoma. Members wound up giving their approval and Gov. Mary Fallin signed the bill.

But what’s happening in New Mexico is likely to give anyone pause before trying to start slaughtering horses here.

Last week, the state denied a wastewater permit for the New Mexico plant and actor Robert Redford was among those promising to intervene in a lawsuit seeking to block the plant’s opening. This week there was a fire at the plant. Authorities called it a “very suspicious blaze.” The owner of the plant was more to the point: “They tried to burn the place down,” he said.

He was referring to opponents whom he says have also made threats against him and his family. Getting the green light to open a business is one thing. In this case, making it through the light is something else altogether.