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Roby finally gets on board with first picks

Associated Press Modified: October 9, 2012 at 4:02 pm •  Published: October 9, 2012

Before the Nebraska game, Roby said he had watched enough film to know that if he concentrated on a couple of particular pass routes he might be able to "jump" the route and step in front of a pass. And that's precisely what he did.

"I already I have a couple of routes that they run a lot that I'm looking for an interception," he said three days before the game. "Hopefully, they're throwing and I'm in the right position. I've got to get one this game."

After the game, Roby said he had a dream earlier in the week that he would return his first interception of the year for a touchdown — and that his father had texted him on Saturday morning saying he had had the exact same dream.

"It's crazy how things work out like that," Roby said.

Just as he had envisioned scoring on the pick in the dream, he had almost foreseen what he was going to do after all the hours he spent looking at Nebraska passing plays.

"Both of them were routes I had seen on film," he said. "I told someone I would try to get picks on the routes I saw, because they don't throw much and I wanted to capitalize on my opportunities."

Linebacker Ryan Shazier recognized the value of Roby's timing in making the two big plays.

"His play was amazing," Shazier said. "We just really needed that."

Roby intercepted three passes a year ago but more times than not was victimized by a costly completion or a long bomb. Early in the spring, Meyer had questioned whether he was serious about being a great player.

His recent play has clearly provided an answer.

"I don't think he ever gets beat, or rarely ever gets beat," lineman John Simon said of Roby. "He's a huge playmaker for us. We love having him out there for us."

Coombs said it is Roby's confidence which has helped him become an elite defender.

"I don't ever want to coach a single corner who's not cocky, who doesn't have swagger, who doesn't have an arrogance about him," Coombs said. "Because the corner who doesn't is going to (get beat)."

Roby, however, believes it's just luck if a ball is completed on him.

"The reason that he's good, God gave him a lot of ability," Coombs said. "But the reason he's great is because he's taken what God has given him and he's mastered his craft."


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