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Rodd Moesel:: Break in weather provides another good planting season

Oklahoman Published: June 21, 2014

Oklahoma has been blessed with wonderful soaking rains the past three weeks. Our trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables have responded with lots of new growth and great green colors.

This break in the weather has given us another good planting season. Many plants are the happiest they have been in years with the nurturing rains and mild temperatures. You can still plant most all kinds of container-grown color annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs and trees and get lots of enjoyment this year.

At some point we will get hot and dry again. Mulch your vegetables, annuals and perennials now to reduce soil temperatures, soil moisture evaporation and to reduce watering by up to half when it does get hot and dry.

This is also the battle season in the yard and garden. We are faced with decisions on how much of our vegetable garden, flowers or fruit to share with God’s other creations. You can decide how to fight the battle — with barriers, organic compounds or with targeted synthetic compounds.

The next few months are the main battle season for pests. Some Oklahoma gardeners have to battle deer; others deal with damage from armadillos, skunks, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels or the underground sneak attacks of moles and gophers.

We can deal with these large pests by using fences or barricades to keep them out, live traps to catch them or a wide variety of repellents to redirect them to a friendlier neighbor.

Often the only way to control moles and gophers is to poison them with poison peanuts, gopher gas, or other gel, “worm” or bait-type poisons. Moles and gophers are usually present when you have lots of grubs so the long-term solution is to get rid of the grubs and then the moles and gophers will relocate.

The small pests or insects may not look very big but their populations can explode in warm weather and they can do shocking damage. Years ago many gardeners would spray every week or two whether they needed it or not. Now we all try to be more green and sustainable and spray only when a problem gets above our threshold of sharing or certainly only when we see a problem.

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