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Rodd Moesel: It's prime planting season for vegetables

Exercise patience in planting warm-season veggies like tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and the annual herbs until after our average last frost date in April.
Published: March 1, 2014

This is also the time to plant bare root crowns of asparagus, rhubarb and horseradish. This is the time to plant bare root fruit trees to start or expand your own orchard and grape vines to start your own vineyard for fresh grapes or wine.

All these berry and fruit crops can be planted later in the year from container-grown material but of course these will cost more as the nurseryman will have to invest in containers, soil, labor and production space to grow those crops.

You can buy them bare root and plant them in a well prepared planting hole over the next few weeks and reduce your cost and still enjoy a high success rate. Bare root planting does not work well as we warm up in April and later.

Even if you don’t have flower beds or a garden area you can have a lot of fun growing many of these vegetables in container gardens, raised beds or innovative above ground containers like the root control or fabric growing bags made right here in Oklahoma City.

If you grow your vegetables in a raised bed or container garden use a well drained prepared soil or use a good loam mixed with sphagnum peat, composted bark or other organic matter for best yields.

Rodd Moesel serves on the Oklahoma State University Agriculture Dean's Advisory Committee. He is a former president of the Oklahoma Greenhouse Growers Association. Email garden and landscape questions to

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