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Round 1 of Beer Championship Series wraps up today

Nick Trougakos Published: November 8, 2013

Thanks to everyone who has been voting and spreading the word about this year’s Beer Championship Series! Interest has been really high this year — which is great for growing the beer culture here in Oklahoma. We had thousands of votes cast in Thursday’s match-ups alone — clearly people are rallying behind their favorite beers.

Today we’ll wrap up Round 1 and bring our initial field of 64 down to 32. Which beer will be crowned Oklahoma’s favorite and claim the Golden Taphandle trophy? I can’t wait to find out!

But first, let’s take a look at yesterday’s match-ups:

-Marshall Sundown Wheat 74 percent over Bricktown 46 Star Amber Ale 26 percent

-Mustang Washita Wheat 63 percent of Bricktown Remington Red Ale 37 percent

-Green Flash Double Stout 65 percent over Brew Dog Tokyo 35 percent

-Left Hand Fade to Black 70 percent over Mustang Brandy’s Imperial Sundae 30 percent

-Choc Belgian Dubbel 54 percent over Anthem Golden One 46 percent

-Prairie Standard 76 percent over Choc Choctoberfest 24 percent

-Choc OPA 53 percent over Santa Fe Happy Camper IPA 47 percent

-Roughtail IPA 51 percent over Marshall Atlas IPA 49 percent

Here’s how the bracket stands right now.

Now on to today’s match-ups. Remember, only one vote per match-up, per person each day.