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Roundtable: Talking about the Thunder's Kevin Martin

Oklahoman Published: May 28, 2013

 3.  Do you think Martin will return next season? If not, why not?

Mayberry: No. He's still capable of being one of the best scorers in the league, and some team could really use his services. Use them much more than the Thunder, which is not going to break the bank to keep a sixth man that was a forced fit. The Thunder has Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb waiting in line, two players whose combined salaries are less than it likely would take to bring K-Mart back. And for all we know they both might be better suited for K-Mart's role than K-Mart was. Even if they're not ready today, Lamb and Jackson are in the early stages of their development. They're getting better while K-Mart's best days are behind him.

Rohde: If Martin is on next year's roster, every Thunder fan should kiss his feet because he would be forfeiting multi-multi-millions. Other veterans have accepted minimum wage and it's expected to happen more frequently because of the severe tax penalties of the new CBA, but don't expect it to happen here.

Tramel: I think Martin would like to return, and I think OKC would like him to return, but unless Martin is willing to play for a fraction of his worth – and even then, only with a one-year contract – then there's no way.