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Royal Living Care Center leads list in violations

By Gavin Off - Tulsa World Data Editor Published: February 21, 2010

/> One of the January 2008 violations was for verbal abuse of a resident.

According to state reports, an employee waiting to clean a bathroom screamed at a male resident to exit the room.

“I'll beat your ass,” the employee said. “Do I need to call the National Guard to get you out of here? This ain't no holiday.”

A review of the home's records revealed Royal Living did not have a state background check for the employee and seven of his co-workers. Such checks are required under state law.

In the past three years, Health Department inspectors cited Royal Living Care Center six times for abusing or neglecting residents, a World analysis found. No other residential care home in Oklahoma had more.

It also accumulated other violations.

Several concerns about residents' finances surfaced at Royal Living Care Center in early 2008.

For example:

  • The family of one man was never told of his discharge, despite sending the home $1,386 in rent and spending money. The administrator later showed health inspectors a canceled $800 check, but couldn't account for the other $586.
  • For at least seven months, a paranoid schizophrenic resident was charged $1,246 a month for a private bedroom, even though the room's rent was $1,000 a month. “That's a mistake,” the administrator said. “I'll correct it.”
  • Royal Living continued to deposit one resident's Social Security checks, even after the client was discharged nine months before.
  • The administrator said she remembered giving the client a refund but couldn't recall how much it was for.