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Ryan Aber: Justice Hansen is the best prep quarterback in Oklahoma

The Oklahoman's Ryan Aber answered questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat. Participate in our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on
by Ryan Aber Modified: August 22, 2012 at 3:37 pm •  Published: August 22, 2012

There's no doubt they still have the players to contend for a title but I certainly don't think they'll be the favorites coming in like they have been for the rest of Clark's tenure. They're one of the favorites but not the favorite in 4A right now.

What are your thoughts on McGuinness?

I think they're going to be really good, even with the move to 5A. They're in a tough district with Guthrie, Carl Albert and Deer Creek but in Justin Jones' second year there, the players know the systems so much better than they did last year and Nick Jeffreys has the potential to be a really special player at linebacker for them. I look for them to make the playoffs, with a chance to advance.

So now that Guthrie has shown that as long as you bring the right excuse to the OSSAA, you can get away with anything, does that open the door to more transfers and less hometown loyalty?

Not really, I think it's just a continuing realization of the rules the OSSAA has on transferring. I think there might've been a door opened with the unusual punishment given out to Guthrie in place of forfeiting/being removed from the playoffs, but I don't think anyone who wasn't going to transfer before is going to do it now. We see athletes move for athletic purposes all the time, for better or worse, they just have to do it in the framework of the OSSAA rules on transferring. They have to have those rules, though, because to just base it on a case-by-case basis would open them up for being labeled as biased when they make these rulings.

Now that Shawnee is finally back where they belong in 5A can we get back to competing for titles? That move to 6A was a joke and all it did was embarrass us as a town to have to play the likes of Jenks and BA every year. Pathetic. How could they have done that to us?

It's all about the numbers. Top 32 schools are 6A. It's tough for Shawnee (or really most any school in the bottom half of the class) but that's the way it breaks. Shawnee is going to be much better this year. Think it'll be a year or two before they're competing for championships but no doubt the move back to 5A will be beneficial.

I've watched DJ Ward play many times and I just don't see why the hype is there. He seems overrated to me and like he'll probably go to OU redshirt and be a backup for his whole career. what do you see in him that i'm missing

I see a player who's explosive off the line with speed and a great wingspan. I watched him play last year more than any player in the state and was impressed every time. He certainly comes off as more impressive, at the high school level, than Michael Onuoha, who is making waves at OU now. Now, Onuoha has some advantages but I think next year Ward is in a position like Onuoha and Charles Tapper are in now in Norman.

I'm a 60-year-old, lifelong Midwest City resident and former Bomber football player back in my day. I'm getting pretty sick of these east siders owning the 6A title and I think Mr. Darrell Hall is just the man to help us get the gold ball back. How long before Midwest City is claiming the 6A championship?

I think Darrell Hall was an excellent choice to lead Midwest City. This year would've been tough even before the loss of Joel Davis because Midwest City has a small-ish senior class and because Tulsa Union and Broken Arrow are even better than they were a year ago when they battled for the title. But I think it won't be long until Midwest City is in that conversation again. That said, I still won't pick anyone to win the title other than Jenks or Union until someone else finally breaks through and gets it done.

So is OU in trouble with its recruiting class for next year? Seems like they are just not getting the guys or the number of guys they usually get at this time. Has Stoops lost it?

I don't think they are. They've got 12 commitments right now, which is a decent number for them. Last year at this time, they had 11 who wound up signing with the Sooners. They're already on a solid pace in-state with four commitments.

by Ryan Aber
OU Athletics Reporter
Ryan Aber has worked for The Oklahoman since 2006, covering high schools, the Oklahoma City RedHawks, the Oklahoma City Barons and OU football recruiting. An Oklahoma City native, Aber graduated from Northeastern State. Before joining The...
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