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San Antonio nuns pray Spurs win Published: June 20, 2013

From their West Side convent and retirement center, they've prayed every couple of hours every day during the playoffs for their beloved Spurs to prevail.

On her closet door are team photos and a poster of her all-time favorite player, Manu Ginobili, next to a portrait of Sister Mary Mazzarello, the Salesians' cofounder. In 2007, the last year the Spurs won it all, coach Gregg Popovich paid a visit to the convent. In the convent's community room, the nuns will gather for Game 7's epic showdown.

Toward the rear is a small chapel where they can retreat to cope with tense moments as they've done plenty of times during the playoffs thus far. Some sisters have opted to stay put, unable to leave the screen. At times, the Heat have gone on scoring spurts in this series but the sisters have not taken your name in vain. Lead us into the sweet waters of a fifth NBA title.

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