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Saying so long to longtime friends

Published: June 8, 2008
Dear readers,

After you spoke loudly and in large numbers in the recent survey, it's time to say farewell to the following comics starting June 15: "Apartment 3G,” "Mary Worth,” "Judge Parker,” "Rex Morgan,” "Gasoline Alley” and "Brevity.”

The reasons are many, but the top three reasons are that all of the strips finished in the:

•Bottom 10 of the overall survey.

•Bottom 10 of "favorite” comics.

•Top 10 of "least favorite” comics, with "Mary Worth” finishing atop that list.

Also, in a survey taken by The Oklahoman five years ago, the five serial strips finished in the top 10 of Sunday and daily "least favorites.”

While other strips, such as "Todd the Dinosaur,” "Cathy,” "Egg-spress Yourself” and "Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids” did poorly in certain parts of the survey, they did well in other areas. For example, "Todd,” created by Oklahoma City's Patrick Roberts, finished 14th among the "favorites” of the 33 comics. And "Egg-spress” and "Slylock Fox” scored high among younger readers who completed the survey. Those comics will continue, with "Todd” and "Cathy”remaining in the daily features section and in the Sunday Comics section.

The serial comics such as "Mary Worth” and "Gasoline Alley,” and "Brevity” also did poorly in the comments section. While a few of you asked to keep them, more than 100 of the survey comments addressed the need to "get rid,” "drop,”"stop” or "dump” them. Words such as "hate,” "don't like,”"don't care for,” "boring,” "really poor” or "never, ever read” also were used frequently.

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