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School safety recommendations disappointing

Published: March 13, 2013

Regarding “School safety panel gives recommendations” (News, March 6): I found the recommendations disappointing. Following 20-plus years as a law enforcement officer (city, county and military), I expected more realistic answers from this panel.

How do you stop a Connecticut copycat active shooter who just crawled in the window of your child's school and is now shooting your babies? We'll call the tip line! But he's shooting your babies now. We'll call the police, who'll be there in five minutes! But he's shooting your babies now. We'll lock down the school! But he's shooting your babies to death.

Roger Mills County has more schools (eight) than there are police officers normally on the road at one time. Twelve states today are moving legislation forward to remove schools' gun-free zones/arming teachers. I guarantee that there are teachers who have their concealed carry permit who would volunteer for 40 hours of training on use of deadly force and wear their firearm under their coat or sweater during school hours. When the shooter is aiming to pump bullets into your child right now — we can only pray a teacher will be there to immediately shoot and kill the active shooter because there's no one else.

Forget the foolishness about liability, deputizing teachers, cops shooting teachers. He's shooting your babies now!

John Currie, Edmond