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Schools sued more often than they sue

Published: March 13, 2013

Regarding “School lawsuit bill wins House approval” (News, March 7): State Rep. Jason Nelson's bill about abusive and frivolous lawsuits filed by school districts has the source of frivolous suits completely backward. Rarely does a district initiate a suit against parents, but schools are inundated by frivolous suits by parents, which the public must pay to defend. Many of the most objectionable problems in education began when a greedy parent convinced a shyster to take a case to court and a judge let the case proceed and a district had to settle because districts don't have loads of cash to defend frivolous lawsuits. This would be because the Legislature has starved public education for the past five years while continuing to add unfunded mandates.

The simplest solution would be to make the loser in any suit pay the legal costs of the winner. Nelson's bill is frivolous, unnecessary, a waste of time and money and another indication of the animosity certain Republicans seem to hold against public education.

Robert Hanna, Choctaw