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Scientists lack evidence to back evolution 'theory'

Published: December 7, 2012

Those who share the views of Elliott Doane (Your Views, Dec. 1) regarding religion and science are quick to disregard religious viewpoints because they claim there's no evidence to substantiate them. In the same breath, they turn around and tout the theory of evolution, which has no substantial evidence. Otherwise, it wouldn't be called a “theory.” As new scientific discoveries are made, the evidence of biblical history continues to be proven. There continue to be instances found where science and biblical truths support one another.

Regarding evolution, scientists still haven't provided any evidence or reason as to why some species evolve while others don't. Christians know that God created man separately from the animals. God didn't create us as gorillas and then select some to evolve into human beings, while others remain as gorillas. But this type of “critical thinking” is what people like Doane are afraid of. Doane further insults high school students by suggesting they aren't intelligent enough to research these topics on their own, nor are they capable of coming to their own conclusions. Maybe that was Doane's experience as a high school student.

I'm thankful for those who have questions and challenge the status quo, rather than just accepting what they're fed. Who, what, where, why and how aren't bad words as Doane would have you believe. Keep asking questions and you'll find your answers.

Dave Osborn, Yukon

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