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Second uses for rubber bands

BY SARA NOEL Published: July 27, 2010
Rubber bands can be reused easily. Use wide produce rubber bands to grip and open jars or hard-to-open plastic soda pop bottles. You could also place one around your TV remote to keep it from sliding off the table and to keep the battery cover attached. If you have young children, you can wrap wide rubber bands around their cup or glass to make them easier for their little hands to grab. How have you reused them? The first reader tip shares another idea.

RUBBER BAND USE: I use them to help hold down lightweight items in the dishwasher. I use little plastic cups for my three kids, and at least one or two get turned over and end up with water and "gunk" in them, meaning they have to get rewashed. By attaching one end of the rubber band to one bar on the rack and then stretching the band across the tops of the cups and attaching the other end to another bar, it holds the cups down and keeps them from moving around. I have also used them to hold down leftover containers when washing them. -- C.L., Jordan, Illinois

BANANA-BREAD TIP: I find that less experienced bakers often put in too much flour because of the way they measure the flour, and this leads to a dry cake. It's important not to scoop out the flour with your measuring cup. That will compact the flour, and you could end up with up to 25 percent more flour than you need. Instead, spoon the flour lightly into your measuring cup. Don't jiggle or shake to level it off. Overfill the cup, and then run the straight edge of a knife over the top to remove the excess. -- Saule, Illinois

STAIN-REMOVING TIP: I have on several occasions used the hand cleaner Goop as a spot remover. I have used it on t-shirts that have gone through the washer and dryer with oil/grease spots. Put the Goop on the dry, stained material and rub it in. Leave it on for five minutes to a few days before washing. I usually hang the item to dry to check to see whether the spot is gone. If not, treat again. The spot usually disappears. I also have used Fels-naptha soap on grass stains and blood.

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